Studio 1850

Elaine, Creative Director

Inspiration seeker, sharer and collaborator. Expert in creative brand and packaging design. Tactile design enthusiast. Intuitive thinker. Organised practical enabler. Strategist, list maker, philosopher and day dreamer. Craft beer and coffee lover. Negroni drinker. New romantic, well mannered rebeller. Mindful meditator. Sea bound coast dweller.

Aesthetic Style

Minimalist maximalist, femme, tactile, natural warmth, romantic, modern meets historic.

Rhona, Content Creative

Loose tea lover. Divergent thinker. Expert in photography and image curation. Wannabe minimalist. Instagram addict. Natural creator. Environmental activist. Tastemaker. Idealist. Cool headed concept challenger. Life long note taker. Immersive creator.

Aesthetic Style

Free, femme, classically youthful, joyous, calming, warm, human, crafted.

Martha, Designer and Editor

Morning sea swimmer. Plein air oil painter. Botanical gin drinker. Creative collaborator. Slow living believer. Coastal lover. White space thinker. Sketchbook note taker. Sea view studio seeker.

Aesthetic Style

Multidisciplinary, systematic, understated, organic, painter inspired.