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The Presence of the Sea

This relationship between figure and landscape is vitally important to me. I cannot feel it in a city.

Barbara Hepworth

Martha Holmes: How I see the sea ...

I see the sea as a holistic body of water; one that influences my day to day life as well as my practice as a painter. I often turn to the sea as a form of escapism - its expansive nature allows one to become removed from life on land. It has a presence that gives stability, a feeling of the unknown that encourages discovery and a distance that allows one to be hopeful. Although a single entity, the sea cleanses and interweaves with all notions of your identity, giving space to observe, absorb and be replenished. Having lived on the coast for four years, I feel a sense of attachment, that if lost, would be like removing a sense from the body.

Photo by @sssophiemay

Depictions of the sea ...

"I see the movement of the tide like a dance – the connection of each water particle and their succinct rhythm nods to the practice of tai-chi."
Sophie May, film maker 

"The sea cleanses you, and as a creative, it allows space to leave certain conversations and thoughts behind in the studio, and to firm up others."
Ella Squirrell , painter 

"Being underwater is the closest thing you can do to getting out of human experience – we aren’t designed to swim, we have to hold our breath – the sea offers a surreal experience one can escape to."
Sam Sherring, surfer & film maker

Photo by @elcoco___ 

Reading around the sea ...

The sea offers a unique relationship to each passer by, one that is often difficult to verbally translate, yet a language one wishes to share. ‘Elementum’ has allowed an environment for this notion to be communicated, describing themselves as a journal that "gives the reader a space to reflect and absorb ideas". Each issue concerns a single word, perhaps ‘calling’ or ‘shape’, presenting conversations and thoughts rooted from the ability and strength of the landscape around us.

Header image: Film still from the beautiful Barbara Hepworth's ‘Figures in a Landscape, 1953’

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